Trainings & Keynotes

My interactive and inspiring innovation trainings are specifically designed to ignite creativity and cultivate innovative mindsets that will lead your organization into the future.

Gain in-depth insights and practical skills to solve complex problems creatively and effectively with my Design Thinking trainings and take your projects to the next level.

My innovation management training courses offer practical insights and proven methods to promote innovative thinking and develop transformative solutions that will drive your business forward in the long term.

Discover the art of storytelling in my specialized trainings and learn how to create compelling stories that captivate your audience and make your messages unforgettable.

My teambuilding trainings offer interactive and experiential activities designed to improve team dynamics and create a culture of mutual support and engagement in the work environment.

Take your marketing and advertising strategies to a new level with my practice-oriented training courses so that you can design more effective campaigns and successfully reach your target groups.

Develop outstanding leadership skills with my leadership training courses, which aim to promote effective communication skills, strategic thinking and inspirational team leadership.

Realize your entrepreneurial dream with my customized entrepreneurship trainings that provide essential knowledge, practical skills and innovative strategies to successfully build a business.

My AI prompting training courses are specifically designed to combine creativity with machine intelligence and promote innovative ways of thinking that will lead your company into the AI future. Through interactive methods and inspiring exercises, participants learn to utilise the full potential of AI prompting and develop new images, texts and product ideas in the field of artificial intelligence.